50 Career & Self-Development Tips: Welcome to the New You

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  • Goal Setting
    Thank You Message from Chris Haroun
    Goal Setting Introduction1:57
    Run to Your Fears3:52
    Yale University ~ Fascinating Goal Setting Study1:47
    Should You Get a Graduate Degree?0:56
  • Happiness is…
    Happiness Introduction : )1:06
    Laugh at Your Failures1:15
    Money Does Not = Happiness2:49
  • Create Off the Charts Confidence; Wear that Superman Cape!
    Confidence Introduction0:42
    There Are No Limits0:43
    The Glass is Always Full0:54
    Avoid 'Those' People1:23
  • Only Take Advice from Successful People
    Advice Introduction1:19
    You Need Yodas!1:38
    Follow the Smart Money1:33
  • Relationships are More Important than Product Knowledge
    Networking Introduction0:46
    Steve Jobs' Winning Strategy: How to Get Anything You Want7:10
    How to Get a Job and Why Sending in a Resume Can Be a Waste of Time…4:53
    Treat People Like Celebrities and Celebrities Like People1:10
  • Be Long Term Greedy
    Long Term Greedy Introduction0:30
    The Longer the View the Wiser the Intention2:54
    Learn Earn Return1:21
    The Harder You Work, the Luckier You Get1:09
    The Most Important Investment You Will Ever Make0:35
  • Avoid Burnout
    Avoiding Burnout Introduction0:16
    What to Do the Second You Return from Vacation1:21
    Stress Will Kill You; Don’t be the Gazelle!2:17
    When to Take a Day Off When You are Not Sick0:52
    The Ten Commandments1:18
  • Ethics; Use It or Lose It!
    Ethics Introduction1:00
    Transparency Builds Trust1:01
    How to Tell if Someone is Lying2:37
  • Every Battle is Won Before it has Been Fought…
    Battle Introduction0:18
    Over Prepare for Everything1:34
  • Legal Stuff is Important
    Legal Stuff Introduction0:39
    How to Protect Your Family1:28
  • Management Best Practices
    Management Introduction0:14
    Praise in Public and Criticize in Private1:18
    Hire Slowly and Fire Quickly.1:28
  • Navigating Corporate Politics; Swimming with Sharks
    Sharks Introduction1:18
    Keep that Letter in Your Drawer1:10
    Unjustified Criticism is a Disguised Compliment1:15
    Ask "How am I Doing?" Often0:58
    The Only Way to Get Promoted or Get a Raise1:06
  • Only the Paranoid Survive
    Paranoid Introduction1:06
    Let this Secret Out and You are Done1:17
    Question Motives1:20
  • Risk Taking
    Risk Introduction0:54
    Fail Fast and Early1:42
    Don't Risk Investing if the Founders All Leave2:16
  • Sales Best Practices
    Sales Introduction0:55
    Less is More1:01
    Present with Passion and Enjoy Public Speaking1:43
    Shut Up if You Think You Closed the Sale!0:52
    Small Clients are Just as Much Work as Big Clients0:49
  • Think Different
    Think Different Introduction1:55
    Be a Contrarian and Watch Your Net Worth Soar1:21
    Passion for Platforms1:13
  • You Be You!
    U B U Introduction : )0:50
    Listen to Your Spouse!1:24
    Take Time For You Dammit!0:54
    Frustration Leads to Reinvention0:37

Reinvent Yourself with 50 Amazing Personal Development Ideas & Life-Altering Improvement Strategies

Chris Haroun


Chris Haroun is an award-winning business school professor, venture capitalist, MBA graduate from Columbia University and former Goldman Sachs employee. He has raised/managed over $1 billion in his career.


Discover a new and better version of yourself in just an hour! This course will help you to focus on the most important goals for you to achieve in life. With 62 lectures, you'll learn how to achieve all of your business and non-business goals. Take your career to the next level by finding out what your passion and purpose is. Here, you'll get 50 amazing self-development ideas and personal improvement strategies from the award-winning MBA professor Chris Haroun.

  • Access 62 lectures & 1.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn how to reinvent yourself in ways that you never thought were possible
  • Find out what your passion & your professional purpose is
  • Significantly increase your level of happiness at work & away from work
  • Understand the importance of mentoring others


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